Saturday, September 24, 2011

Several posts - I am playing catch up!

I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE all of my kiddos!  I have seven in my class and they are all very different and unique.  Even though it is only 7, it is sometimes very challenging because of the different levels and different schedules (ENCORE, regular ed class inclusion, etc).  I want all of them to succeed and I work super hard at trying.  I am really enjoying our class this year!  I just want to thank all of the parents / families for your support at home.  I couldn't do it without you!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This week we performed our Brown Bear, Brown Bear reader's theater in front of a Kindergarten class, the principal, and some other teachers.  They did a super job and everyone enjoyed their performance!  If I can figure out how to upload the video, I will share it on here.  I so wish I was techno savvy! 

We were so proud of them.  They did super!  Thanks for practicing at home parents!

Weekly poem reading

This is Landon during poem reading - he loves it.  So cute!

We have weekly poems that we read daily and the students are to practice at home each night.  Great reading practice and the students seem to enjoy them!  They love to come up to the Smartboard and show off!

Math Stations

In this picture, I am working with Kenna one-on-one with a math program.

Dalton and Landon are using Legos and math mats.  They have to count out the number that the mat has on it. 

Michelle and Logan have math sentences that they have to complete. 

Billyjo and Hunter are completing a pirate ship puzzle by putting it in number order. 
Wow!  School is back in session for sure!  It is moving at full speed.  Sorry I have been missing in action on the blog.  I guess some weeks will be like that.  Just wanted to post some pics of what we have been up to lately.  These are our math stations that we have started.  Usually, I will work with one or two on a math program while the others are monitored in a math station by Ms. Cathy.  They are enjoying the stations.  It is teaching them to work in pairs/groups and follow directions.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Potluck Friday!!!

Love these kiddos!

Enjoying the yummy food brought in!

Today was so much fun!  Thank you for your help on the food!  Everyone enjoyed our yummies.  Poor Hunter and Billyjo were sick and did not get to join us.   Can you guess who brought in what???  Happy weekend everybody!

How cute are these little readers!!

Landon is acting out a part in the book "Froggy Goes to School" where he falls out of his chair.  Kenna is cracking up!

Making some cinnamon roll letters - Yumilicious!

The students really enjoyed making their initials out of cinnamon rolls.  We had some jealous teachers in the building when they were smelling our goodies.

Cute pictures my students made!

Ms. Angela (Dalton thought my flip flops were hysterical)




Ms. Cathy




I just love these pictures that everyone created.