Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Jack

We have had sooooo much fun with different pumpkin activities.  We read a book called Pumpkin Jack.  It was about a boy who had a jack-o-lantern named "Jack".  The entire story takes Jack through dying (composing), replanting of his seeds, and growing into other pumpkins.

We are going to watch our own Pumpkin Jack and see what happens to him over time.  We covered him up very well, because he got a little on the stinky side.   When they saw the mold developing, all of the students were saying "yuck!"  It didn't phase Landon though, he tried to pick him up. 

We will be watching him and making observations over the next months.

How many pumpkins tall are you?

We enjoyed seeing how tall we all are compared to the pumpkins.  We also made pages for a class book related to this activity.   It is sad to see how short I am though!  Some of my students are catching up to me!

Ms. Cathy

Ms. Debi (They love it when I get them involved - HaHa!






Ms. Angela


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decorating our pumpkins

The kiddos really enjoyed painting their pumpkins.  Some of them just wanted to paint it a solid color, some wanted to make theirs an animal, and some wanted to add a little design to their pumpkin.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin Investigation

We did some investigating on our own individual pumpkins.  We measured how tall they were, counted the lines on it, listed whether or not it had a stem, and tested whether or not it would sink or float.  Some of the students could not believe that the heavy little pumpkin floated.  They enjoyed that part of the investigation best of all.  Cool stuff!


Exploring Pumpkins

Everybody enjoyed exploring our class pumpkin.  Actually, I think they liked putting on the rubber gloves best of all!